I told you I would do waterfalls this month! I have two waterfall spots within walking distance from home. The best one is Tevån which I will visit next week (I’m just waiting for the colours to change first), but then there’s another creek that I’m fairly sure that not many people visit, at least not with the intention of taking pictures. Ormån starts from the tarn on top of Ormruet, you drive over the creek (which is little more than a brook at that point) on your way to Mittådalen. The creek flows into Ljusnan in the outskirts of Ljusnedal and by then it has grown considerably in size, although right now of course there’s very little water in it, just like in every other creek and river. There’s a dirt road that initially goes a few hundred metres west from the creek but when it gets higher up, it starts to follow the water, making it easier to access the creek. I tried to follow the water all the way today but the forest is really dense so it wasn’t worth the effort, especially because the interesting stuff doesn’t start until the road ends anyway. In the wintertime the road is used as a snowmobile trail and the trail continues to closely follow the creek after the road ends, so it’s quite easy to access the waterfalls in the end.

The waterfalls are not very big, but the creek drops enough to provide a long stretch of whitewater with small falls, as illustrated in the pictures below. However, I didn’t take a lot of pictures today, I wanted to save the opportunities for another visit. I’m thinking that it will look really good after the first snowfall so just for once I’m not waiting for the birches to turn colour!

A lot of rocks
A lot of rocks

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