Of course it moves

The night was just as uncomfortable as I knew it would be. I had found a grassy spot for my tent (grassy level spots are not easy to find here!) but lying down, I discovered that there was a rock hidden under the grass and this rock kept poking me in the hip. And then of course it was cold, very cold. Two degrees above freezing, that’s the summer in the highlands. I was up on my feet at 5.20, normally I would hate waking up that early but now it was just simply a relief to be up.

The early rise didn’t do me much good, photographically. The blue skies from yesterday were all gone and the sky was filled with this nasty high altitude milky cloud which really is the landscape photographer’s nemesis, it’s just so bland. But, the scenery is otherwise so beautiful that just for once, even this dumb cloud was not discouraging me.

I walked way in to the Slottsdalen valley to get a closer view of Storsylen, and then followed the creek back down to the Sylälven river. Not having a tripod with me was always going to be a risk so when I saw these waterfalls, I had a look around if there was anything I could use as support. And as luck would have it, there was a big rock where I could prop up the camera to be able to use long shutter speeds. It limited my composition options but I think it turned out pretty good anyway so I’m happy. Another thing is that I knew already before I started this trip that I would come back, but then I will have a room at the station so I can replace the camping gear with photo gear. So this trip now was more about scouting than shooting.

I mentioned yesterday that it’s very rocky here. It’s not as bad as Blåstöten was, but it only takes a small rock to move under your foot to throw you off balance. So as I was getting across the rock fields, I learned to expect that every rock I stepped on would move, and when it did, I was half prepared. And every time, I repeated in my head, ”of course it moves”!

Close to lunchtime, I saw that the sky was getting darker. Especially in the north, there was a mighty rain cloud so it was time for me to head back, make sure that the tent was well anchored (and move it so the hidden rock won’t bother me tonight) and then take shelter at the station. As I was securing the tent, I heard thunder – definitely not a good idea to be out in the open!

The thunder never got all the way to Sylarna, but the rain did. The afternoon was very lazy, I sat and drank coffee and read a book and hoped that the rain would stop by the night (which it did). But even if it seems like time was wasted like this, it was ok – it was good to let my feet get some rest and let’s not forget that this is vacation, some downtime is allowed!

Temple Pinnacles
The ”Temple Pinnacles” in the morning
Storsylen and the glacier
Storsylen and the glacier in the morning
The sky is becoming increasingly boring
I have another version of this, in black & white. I think monochrome is better, actually.
Remember, I didn’t bring a tripod! Here I was able to prop the camera on a rock.
Still using rocks for support
Reindeer everywhere
Reindeer everywhere, of course
Snow bridge
Snow bridge
my little tent
That’s the weather front, and my little tent!
Templet hiding under the clouds
This is taken a minute after the previous one, but in the opposite direction. Templet hiding under the clouds.

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