Lightening the load

You know me, always trying to come up with ways to carry less gear and enjoy the hike more. My latest idea was to get a light duty ballhead. My light duty tripod is already as light as it can go, without seriously compromising usability. But the ballheads are solid metal and it shows on the scales, so I thought I would try with a small one, weighing just over a 100 grams. To test it, I cycled (cycled! Not drove!) to Livsäterån to shoot the wonderful waterfalls. I was going to do a really quick shoot, just something to test long exposures, but it turned out that there were no mosquitoes or any other creatures that wanted my blood, so I stayed a lot longer. I really love that place!

The ballhead then, it actually delivered! Could be a different story on a windblown tundra but as long as you know the limitations of your gear and are willing to accept them, then it’s fine. Of course I wouldn’t put the heavy Canon on this ballhead, it’s made for compacts or mirrorless systems. Just one more reason to be happy about the Sony A7!

Already looking forward to a new visit in September!

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