Walked up to Funäsdalsberget last night, it was supposed to be a sunny evening so this was a good chance to take the pictures I scouted a few weeks ago. But, as usual, it didn’t go as planned and the sun wouldn’t come out quite as early as the forecast said. So I walked around a bit while waiting for the light to happen, and finally had to give up on one spot because I just didn’t want to stand around and wait. But by the time I got to the place which I knew would give me the best opportunities, the sun did come out enough to give me some light on the foreground. The background was still partly in clouds though so it wasn’t quite the scene I had hoped for, but good enough for now. I like this place, the mountain birches are growing on an edge so you get total separation between the foreground and background. Could be a problem that there’s no middle ground connecting them, but sometimes it’s nice to play with these illusions.

Birch with Ånnfjället
Birch with Ånnfjället in the bg

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