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For years I have been searching for a good spot to shoot panoramas of Ånnfjället in the evening. I’ve found some some good spots but even the best of them have been spoiled by an annoying optical illusion – that the picture is leaning, even when it’s dead straight. Depending on the spot, it’s caused by different things, sometimes it’s just the way things line up, and sometimes the foreground is sloped. And as nice as the scenery would otherwise be, the end result just doesn’t quite work.

It’s strange how you can still find new things on the map, even if you’ve already spent hours and hours looking at it. And so it was that a few weeks ago I discovered a place on the map, that I’ve somehow been missing all these years. Now it was time to see this place in real life, have I finally found my ultimate Ånnfjället spot?

All I can say is, it is enormously gratifying when the map reading pays dividends in reality! The place is awesome, it’s not just one good spot but it’s so many that I can keep shooting here until I’m sick and tired of shooting Ånnfjället! Basically, it’s an open area covered mostly in mires with some open water, and mountain birches dotted here and there for additional decoration.

The only problem I had was that mosquitoes also love this place. I had mosquito spray with me so it wasn’t a problem as such, but this just confirmed what I’ve always known, which is that I’m stressed out by just their presence. I think it’s horrible to see and hear hundreds of them buzzing around, I just simply can’t concentrate properly on photography like that. So this place is one of the very many places that I’ve put on my list of ”places to visit in September” – I don’t think that September is long enough for me to shoot everything I’ve been putting off shooting because of the mozzies this summer. 🙁 Annoying!!

Some clouds were still lingering above Anåkroken
Anåkroken and Blåstöten
The place also provides views towards Anåkroken and Blåstöten

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