Diver update

Took my bike and Mega-Tamron to the red-throated diver lake yesterday evening. The pair of divers was there, but I couldn’t find the chick. At first I thought it’s hiding at the southern end of the lake like it was the last time I saw it, because the adults birds started swimming that way almost as soon as I appeared. But, no chick in sight, and then the birds started swimming back. They are actually totally ignoring me, they mostly just sleep (I had to throw out about half of my pictures because the birds had their eyes closed in them!). Basically they’re just floating around on the lake, sometimes coming towards me and sometimes going away.

I got see more of that weird behaviour yesterday. Twice the birds did this lunging into the water thing, they swim fast with their beaks open and touching the water, their bodies almost submerged, and hooting loudly (the birds are pretty to look at but they don’t sound very nice!). I have no idea what triggers this behaviour, or what the purpose is. It goes on for only a few seconds and then they’re back to floating around peacefully.

Anyway, I’m worried about that chick. Is it still alive or not? I’ll check the lake again in a couple of weeks, but in the morning. This is not an evening location, as seen in the pictures.

And yes I know, I have too many red-throated diver pictures. So sue me.

Almost calm
Almost calm. I hope I can catch a proper reflection one day.
behavioral display
Too bad about the wind. But this is where the behavioral display starts.
Body down in water, beak open, hooting, going fast. Facing away from the light.
Wouldn’t it be great to have sun on the face?
Or this one?
Or this one?
Paddle in the air
Paddle in the air
And it's sleeping.
And it’s sleeping.

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