Another visit to my new favourite place, it has been raining today but there was a chance of sunny spells in the evening so it was worth a try. Even if the light didn’t work, there’s plenty of cloudberries to pick. I don’t particularly like them, but there’s so much of them this year that even a lousy berry picker like me can scrape together the ingredients for home made jam… warm cloudberry jam is delicious with vanilla ice cream!

The light worked out for one panorama (it’s a 6 image stitch, the picture below is 1600px wide if you click it), other than that I was scouting for more compositions and finding myself to like this place even more now that there’s no mosquitoes. Not one! They’re not completely gone yet, they still bother you in the forest, but if I can pick cloudberries in peace then the bug season is over.

I’m already dreaming of visiting this place in September when the trees and the grass are flaming yellow and the mountain is covered in a dusting of snow… wouldn’t that be great?

Anåkroken, Blåstöten and Ånnfjället
To be honest, I don’t know why I do these big panoramas. The computer screen isn’t big enough to show the picture in all its glory and I’m not going to print this either! I guess some things we do… because we can. Anyway, this is the bigger part of Anåfjället – Anåkroken, Blåstöten and Ånnfjället.

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