Finally here

I have finally fulfilled a long time dream to move to the mountains! A week ago I landed in Ljusnedal and I’m still trying to get used to the idea that now I live here. For 15 years, I’ve been coming here for vacations and weekends and always tried to cram as much hiking and photography as possible in those short periods of time and it will take some time to get rid of that feeling of urgency. So what if the spring is the coldest since 1977 and there’s still lots of snow and nothing is growing yet. I can wait!

thickness of the snow
A nice cross section to show the thickness of the snow cover in some place

Today I checked out one my favourite spots, the Livsäterån creek with all the wonderful waterfalls. It was raining on and off and just when I got to the most interesting part, it started raining a lot and I had no option but to give up. But it’s ok, I’m sure the place will look better in the coming weeks with melting snow and green birches. Upstream there’s still a whole lot of snow, easily 2-3 metres thick in places, but further down where the big falls are, the snow has already melted. I was surprised to see how little water there was, considering all the snow around, but the snow is not melting very fast when the temperatures are a little bit on the cool side. All it takes is a few warm and sunny days and it will look a whole lot different!

Livsäterån creek upstream
Livsäterån creek upstream
It started raining really hard when I was taking this picture and I had to give up any further attempts

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