Crane hatchlings

What a treat! Got see a pair of cranes with a pair of hatchlings! I found the cranes yesterday when I was cycling, one of the cranes was incubating. I figured that it must be very close to hatching time by now so it was necessary to go back there today, with the big lens, and using the car as a hide. And sure enough, now we saw two crane chicks! Wonderful timing, it’s doubtful that these cranes will be in the same place tomorrow. The only other time I’ve seen a hatchling, the cranes were gone the day after the chick hatched.

The parents were busy finding food and feeding the young. A priviledge to watch, although of course it was very difficult to see the chicks because they are very small and disappear in the grass unless they reach out their heads. And they were very cute when they ran to keep up with mum and dad… with their tiny little wings flapping on the sides, serving no other purpose than to help them keep balance!

I need to add that even if it looks like in the pictures that the cranes are keeping a watchful eye on us, they never showed any signs of stress but just calmly went about their business of finding food. If we had had any reason to think that the cranes disapproved of our presence, we would have left right away!

Proud parents. The chicks are there in the grass, I promise!
Crane chick
Follow the direction of the beak and you’ll find the chick
Crane family
The only picture I got where all four members of the crane family are clearly visible

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