On the road

In the winter I was planning to take on a project to visit all zoos in Sweden. That was before I decided to move, I will have other things to do now than drive around the country. But I was still interested in the number one zoo on my list, Nordens Ark. It’s very far from here and I needed an extra day off to make it, so what better than the 1st of May weekend? I also found that there’s a great place for landscape photography very close to the zoo, so I could spend two evenings and two mornings doing landscape, and spend the full day in between in the zoo.

closer to Loos
When I was getting closer to Loos, I found out that it had been snowing at night! There was even a little snow on the road, so I had to drive carefully.
At Koppången, it looked more like full winter.
At Koppången, it looked more like full winter.
But then at Ramsvik, it was lovely warm sunshine instead. Too lovely – just blue skies. And a cold wind.

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