Exciting day! This is why I came to Finland this time, to see Kaija Koo in concert in Helsinki Arena! I have actually never been a big fan of Finnish music and I’ve never followed a Finnish artist, except Kaija Koo. Always eagerly awaiting for the next album, sometimes a little bit disappointed by it and sometimes absolutely delighted, so I’ve never given up on her. And my best friend in the whole world is a big fan, so I almost even didn’t have to ask if he’d like to come.

It’s unusual for Finnish artists to have such big concerts but Kaija Koo is so hugely popular that she had no trouble selling out the Arena. The crowd was loving it, and the time just flew by… I couldn’t believe it when I realised that all that was left was the encore! But there was no doubt about which song she would do as an encore. Tinakenkätyttö is the title track from her 1999 album, so I’ve been listening to it for 15 years now. And I love it just as much as I did in 1999, and judging by the wild sing-along and clapping, so did everyone else in the audience!

Today’s 365 is a short movie, it’s the chorus of Tinakenkätyttö.* Not something I would normally do, but in this case the moving picture works a hundred times better than a still! I only had my mobile phone with me to the concert because photography was forbidden. I was going to respect that but when I saw a few thousand other people take out the smartphones and snap away, I joined the crowd!


* Edit 2018-12-30: I’ve removed the video, and today’s 365 is the still picture from the concert.

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