Another Sunday, another walk. Checked out a side of Mon that I haven’t seen before and this time the visit was quite uneventful. No breaking ice (mostly because I didn’t step on any ice), no stinging bees. But it took me a while to get used to the crunchy sound under my boots, because the vegetation is very fragile at the moment. Grass, fallen leaves, moss… everything breaks when you step on it.


I didn’t find anything particularly interesting this time, but exploration is always good. And I got to see this cabin from a third angle now… it’s situated at the end of a long peninsula type of thing, so the only way to get to it is either walk 1 km through the forest (there’s a path) or row a boat. Considering the state of the path, I think boat is the normal way of transportation. There are some signs that the cabin might still be used, or it was used in recent years, but I suspect that this cabin can be added to the long list of abandoned buildings in Föne. Almost makes me wish that I knew somebody in Föne who could tell me about all this history that I come across on my walks here.

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