You know how I often talk about the problems I have with boots? Well, here’s a pair of boots that have never given me blisters. They are so good that I have worn them out, the seams started to come apart! I’ve already had to replace the laces and as you can see, the leather doesn’t look exactly fresh either. But after all these boot problems I’ve had, I was really reluctant to buy new ones because I didn’t like the thought of having to go through that testing cycle to find an insole/sock combination that works and in the worst case, find out that nothing works and the boots just simply don’t fit. And so I decided that I could maybe get another winter out of these boots and took them to the shoemaker to get the seams fixed. Now I just need to wax them and they’re good for another winter of adventures!


The irony is that when I bought these, it was because I needed a pair of hiking boots, but on the first hike, I discovered that they are way too warm. But if they’re too warm in the summer, maybe they’ll work in the winter, so I tried them again. Haven’t looked back since! They don’t have much of an insulation but since these are action boots and not standing-still boots, they keep my feet warm enough even in the coldest weather.

I wonder how long I can keep fixing them…

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