And then there was none

Can you believe it, this is the last picture of my “365 pictures” project! Yes, I made it! Well, 365 minus 1… there is that unfortunate case of a memory card format before downloading the pictures to computer. But since I took a picture that day, my conscience is clear. 🙂

So what did I learn from this project? Well, nothing much really. It just confirmed the things I already knew, for example that I don’t do well when taking pictures becomes a must. And that I totally suck at indoors shooting. But now that I think about it, I think it also revealed something which sheds some new light to my hobby. You see, not all the pictures I took under the “must” are complete crap. There are some which are half decent, but here’s the strange thing – I have a hard time appreciating those pictures. The difference being, how can a picture which I took under time pressure during my lunch break be as good as a picture I took during a nice hike on a Saturday? I think that over the 14 years that I’ve been shooting, photography has become so deeply associated with free time in my mind that one “365 pictures” project can’t change it. And honestly, I have no need to change it either. It’s just a hobby, intended to fill up my free time!

Frozen hands
Nature provided the canvas, I did some hand painting. 365/365, yay!

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