About those plans

If yesterday’s plans didn’t work out, I can’t really cheer for today’s plans either. I was going to meet my friend again in the afternoon and he would then take me to the airport, but things happened and he couldn’t make it and I was already sitting on the train so I couldn’t spend the time with my sister either. But at least everything is open today (unlike yesterday) so I walked around in Helsinki and finally sat down to get a nice cup of coffee and a huge piece of chocolate cake that I couldn’t even finish. The good news is that I was a little bit nauseous for eating too much cake, so I will have no problems of going back to my low-sugar diet in Sweden.

It's like Rockefeller Center, except not. (341/365)
It’s like Rockefeller Center, except not. (341/365)

The journey home was easy, the flight was a few minutes late but the weather was good for driving (no ice or snow). As a whole, it was a very good trip, I got to see my best friend and a great artist and discovered some relatives I’ve never fully realised I had!

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