Quiet at the zoo

There’s one lens that I haven’t used on the new camera yet, and that’s the lens that I’ve really been itching to use – the Mega-Tamron! At the long end, it’s a whopping 960mm on the 7D2. But with November being as dark as it has been, I haven’t had any chances. Today however, there was a bit of sun so I drove to Järvzoo and hoped that some of the light would be available in the zoo. But the sun doesn’t reach very high, so the only enclosure that got any actual sunlight was the wolf enclosure on top, and the cloud cover was already growing by the time I got there. And with the clouds, it became hopeless. Not that it was very hopeful to start with… shooting the reindeer, I started with ISO 800 and noticed that it wasn’t fast enough, raised it to 1250 and counted on the lens VC to give me a sharp picture. At the fox enclosure, I raised the ISO to 3200 and got a shutter speed of 1/25! What a testament to the vibration control though, the picture wasn’t shaken. It’s a bit soft, but most of the softness can be credited to the high ISO.


I only saw one fox this time, the last time when both of them were out, it was easy to tell them apart because the other fox has a wonky ear. This one with two good ears seems to have a favourite spot by the fence and there is no angle you can use to eliminate the fence out of the frame. But I just wanted to show the picture, because I think it’s pretty amazing to get usable quality at 960mm when the shutter is 1/25. Even if I was leaning my elbows on the railing.

It was such a quiet day though, not a lot of people, and the animals kept quiet as well. Only the wolverines at one point made some noise and I saw two of them play fighting up a spruce tree. Or I didn’t really see them… mostly I just saw a lot of shaking branches and a short glimpse of dark fur in between.

And speaking of tree climbing animals, I’m sad to say that the lynx cub is gone. Now I can’t look at those pictures any more without feeling a sting of regret. I mean, it’s not my fault, but it’s just awful knowing that the cub was doomed.

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