First snow

It was snowing in the morning, but only just. I went for a walk after breakfast so I could capture the snow before it started raining, and I headed to a spot I had scouted in the spring. I like the contrast between open water and snow so I figured that this spot could work, but of course there’s just not enough snow yet. The creek is Holån, it runs through Föne but I’ve always had trouble with photographing it, partly because it’s difficult to access and partly because it’s cluttered – I mean all trees that have fallen over it. It runs in a narrow valley which in some parts is borderline canyon, and because of this location it’s been spared from forestry and thus the creek is lined with trees and bushes of all ages. That is of course good news because it’s great to see something in a natural state, but for a photographer it’s a real challenge. I have found several paths that lead down to the creek and there’s a surprising number of small bridges going over it as well, but actually following the creek has been impossible because of this jungle that surrounds it.

That is, until today. I found another way down and then to my great joy came across a path that allowed me to follow the creek maybe a couple of hundred meters until the thick bushes forced me back up. And then I went down again at the first best opportunity and again was able to follow the creek for a bit. There’s some really nice spruce forest along this stretch and I will definitely come back when the conditions are better, I need some more ice and snow to cover the chaos of tree trunks and branches that lie over the creek because as it was now, it was impossible to find any clean compositions. The pictures I’m posting today are from the first spot which I had scouted earlier but these new spots I found are much better, provided that snow will help with the clutter. Alas, no snow is being forecast so I will just have to wait and find something else to shoot in the meanwhile.


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