The snow chaos that wasn’t

Since the days are getting so short that there’s not much daylight left when I get home from work, I’ve been taking my camera to work to shoot the day’s 365 (as you’ve seen, the recent pictures are from Ljusdal). But today I got a curveball at work, before I could pop out to take the picture, there was a last minute meeting after lunch and the meeting ran late so it was back to back with another meeting, which in turn also ran late… so by the time I got home, there was just barely enough light for the picture. Well, that’s what high ISO is for…


SMHI had warned about snowfall today, which would cause problems because not many cars have winter tires yet. Up to 15 cm they said… bah. But I shouldn’t complain, because my car is one of those without winter tires so my original idea was to leave and work from home before the roads got too icy but I had not counted on those back to back meetings. I would have been in real trouble with 15 cm of snow!

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