Having the bird feeder in the forest is not so good for photography… really dark. Especially on a dark day like this. But it’s fun, so I sat there for a while and tried to get a picture of the crested tit, without success. The nuthatches on the other hand are easy. There are at least three of them, I’ve seen only two at the same time but those two have white bellies, while there’s another one (more than one?) with a more rust coloured belly.

The birds are still avoiding my perch so I gave myself some options and rearranged the feeder so that I can shoot in three directions – the perch, the pine that the nuthatches love, and a small spruce that the crested tits occasionally used but I was never quick enough to get a sharp picture.

The best thing that happened though is that I got to see a long-tailed tit. Granted, from very far away, and I won’t bother to post the picture which is horrible and the only way the bird is recognisable in the picture is the long tail, but regardless, I got to see it and now I just hope that one day the long-tailed tits come closer!



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