While in Iceland, I bought some snacks which I came to like very much. The reason I like them is not really that they have the best taste ever (they are good though) but that they’re completely additive free. No added sugar, no added flavours, no added nada. This is pure raw food – nuts, seeds and dried fruit pressed in a bar. Hence the name, Nakd. It figures that these goodies are not available in Sweden (well, not in Ljusdal anyway) so I ordered a few packs from the UK, and can replace my regular energy/müsli bars with Nakd bars. A much healthier option! I can even eat them when I get the munchies so I can cut down on empty calories while not giving up the pleasure of having something nice to eat, because I might as well confess that completely giving up on ”something nice to eat” is not an option that I’m even considering!


So it was an indoors shot today. Had a marathon meeting which ran late and by the time I was free, it was dark and raining so taking my 365 outdoors was just impossible.

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