I had been worried that the birds don’t like my feeder setup in the forest but it just apparently took some time, because now I’m seeing a lot of traffic there. I had my first photo session in full camo gear but I shouldn’t have bothered with the camo because the first bird very nearly ate from the feeder while I was still holding it in my hand! But the real shocker – that first bird was a crested tit!

One thing that became obvious very quickly was that as popular as the feeder was, as unpopular was the branch I had set up for the birds to sit on. I was there for about an hour and a half, and I saw a bird on the branch about five times. But this is the problem with the forest… there are so many places for the birds to perch on! So mostly I just looked at the birds and tried to see their behaviour patterns so I can figure out how to set up the feeder system to better suit my purposes.

Besides the crested tits (it was a pair of them), I got the usual – nuthatch, great tit, blue tit. But no willow tit or coal tit, that’s strange. I can understand the absense of coal tits but I got willow tits last winter while the feeder was in the garden, so what’s up? I even saw willow tits earlier on the feeder while no other birds were visiting it.

And today’s bonus bird was a treecreeper. It obviously ignored the feeder but I was just happy to see it!


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