Suddenly wind

Yesterday when I came home from Loos, I made it back just before a weather front hit Föne. The wind picked up enormously and the trees were swinging like crazy and I had to check that I didn’t leave anything loose on the porch that would fly away.

Today I saw that the two flower pots that I’ve kept on the table on the porch had been knocked over. It was no small gust that hit them…


The wind hasn’t been as bad today but it has been windy anyway, and it’s a very cold wind. The kind of wind that seems to blow right through you, just gotta get used to these colder temperatures now! We could even get the first frost night of the season and it figures that my outdoor timer has crapped out (during the summer while sitting on the shelf), so I have to go out and plug in the car heater before breakfast to get the windows defrosted. I’m shuddering already.

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