I’m trying to force myself to be more active. I had to give up running because my knee starts hurting (and because I came to a conclusion that I absolutely hate running so having an achy breaky knee was quite convenient, actually) but since I’m not aiming to do an iron man competition, all I need is to activate myself in moderation every day. So I got myself a pedometer and my daily goal is to do at least 5500 steps every day. I know that 5500 is well below the recommended 10000 steps, but I don’t want to set unrealistic goals and then get disappointed every time.


My daily record so far is 25138 steps, that was last Saturday coming back from Helags. And today? 3490 steps so far. It was one of those days… I just couldn’t bother. Motivation seems to be something that I’m woefully lacking, in many areas of my life.

(And yes, I know the shoelaces are burnt out. Surprise (not) that it’s not possible to recover highlights from a jpg taken with the mobile phone….)

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