So here’s how much of my 365 pictures happen.

I found a little blue dot on the map, was surprised to see it because I’ve looked at the map of Föne about a million times and I’ve never seen this blue dot before. So of course I had to go there and check it out.

You can’t see it in the picture but there is actually a little bit of water at the bottom of this bowl. Methinks I should visit this in the spring… Anyway, horrible picture, but at least it’s a picture. 365 done.

On the way home, I walked past a barn and saw the shadows play on the old wall. It looked nice, but I couldn’t make it work out in the picture. However, a lot of better effort than the ugly puddle.

Soon after I walked past a rowan and the colour combination of the reds, greens and blues was appealing. Still not a picture to shout about, but it beats the barn wall.


And then I saw this other rowan, not far from home. I really like the different greens, you can clearly see the differences between species. And now I had a 365 that wasn’t a complete waste of pixels!

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