Helags pt 1

It got cloudy yesterday afternoon and it was still cloudy in the morning, so we didn’t have to do another early morning. Which was just as well, because our plan was to hike to Helags today so it was good to have a good night’s sleep in reserve.

We left after lunch and there were still some scattered clouds around when we were hiking to Helags fjällstation. But by the time we reached our campsite which was about 1 km from the mountain station, it was already clear skies and while it’s not very exciting in landscape pictures, it made us optimistic about seeing some aurora tonight.

rock formation
Interesting rock formation with Snusestöten in the bg

Interesting rock formation with the distinctive profile of Snusestöten in the background. We will be camping a little southwest from Snusestöten.

One thing about camping is that there’s really not much to do after the sun has gone down so I was already in my sleeping bag at 20:00. That’s gotta be a record… I didn’t think that I would be able to sleep that early, but to my surprise, the biggest reason I couldn’t fall asleep was because I was so excited to listen to an arctic fox bark near by!

Campsite selfie!
Campsite selfie!

* * *

Sun is going down
Sun is going down behind the Helags-massif. (255/365)

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