It’s still warm and sunny, I went cycling. Shorts were ok but I quickly found I needed a long sleeved shirt to protect my torso from the draft when the speed goes up, that’s the difference between summer warm and autumn warm. Anyway, I took myself to Knutnäsudden although I knew that the water level was too high for any interesting features. The water level in Ljusnan has been very much up and down this year, last year there was a long period with a low water level but this year we’ve only had short spells with low. Rain in the mountains, full reservoirs, the impact downstream is immediate. Well at least electricity should be cheap in the winter…

When I got there, I saw that the water was even higher than I thought it would be, so I had very little shore to work with. I sat down to drink coffee at the only spot which looked promising and watched the reflection of clouds in the water puddle. When the sun was behind clouds, the reflection was so complete that you couldn’t see the gravel under the water, so it felt almost weird to be looking down on the clouds. Of course I needed to shoot it, but then yes there’s the issue with those clouds… plenty of blue sky around, and where do you think the biggest clouds are? In front the sun, of course! So I found a good composition, lost the light, had to wait, got the light back but lost the nice cloud formations, waited some more, got patchy light, found a new composition with better clouds, wait again… rinse and repeat.


Got bored with the waiting and left before I had taken the pictures I wanted to take and cycled back home – in full sunshine all the way.

What is this, the sun sees my camera and hides away? Or maybe I’m just cursed?

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