I needed a railing on the short side of the porch so the first task of the day was to do some precision sawing to get my 2×4 exactly the correct length to fit between the column and the wall. I erred on the safe side and my plank was one millimetre too long. Too little to saw it, too much to wear it off by sandpaper… a rasp would have been great but that’s just what I didn’t have. But I wasn’t going to give up just because I didn’t have the right tool, so after about an hour of persistance I had a plank which was perfect fit. All I needed then was to make it level, and now I have a railing!

I was also going to have two diagonal planks in a reverse V under the horizontal plank but the bottom log where the diagonal planks would sit on is slightly curved so it’s really such a precision job that I won’t even try it without the right tools. The diagonals are just for decoration anyway, the 2×4 is plenty steady as it is.

And while I was at it, I also started painting the storage door, I need it white so it matches the main door. It didn’t absorb the paint very well though, so it looks quite disastrous right now. I will apply a second coat of primer and then I will get white paint and two coats of that should do it…


In the evening I did a small hike to get a feel for the knee. It wasn’t 100% ok but it wasn’t hurting and I even got a little bit of sunshine for my efforts. So far so good.

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