I have a confession to make – I’m getting a bit tired with my 365 project and all the lousy pictures I’m taking for it. I know it’s just the same old crap when I take the pictures so I don’t bother to upload them on the same night and thus I do backdated posts (I do take a picture every day, so the backdating is only about posting them). Like yesterday for example (this gets a bit confusing but I’m writing this on the 26th while the post is dated 25th), I did a walk and found a tall mushroom sticking out from the grass and took some closeups of that so that was my 365 in case I didn’t find anything better.

Then I got to the river, a spot I found earlier this year and where I saw a beaver as well, the first time I’ve ever seen a wild beaver. I think I caught a glimpse of it now as well, I saw something moving in the water but it dove without a sound as I was approaching and birds that inhabit these small channels don’t normally do that, they fly off instead. Anyway, I was looking at this calm water and the reflection and the spruce branches hanging over and I thought I could make something of it, so I shot a few variations but felt that I got nothing usable.

On the way home, I saw some nice clouds again so I took a shot of that, but it was quite hopeless as the sun decided to disappear behind another cloud so I lost the light.

So in the evening, I felt that I got nothing worth the effort of picking up the camera from the bag and thus I didn’t post my 365 in time.

But today, with two days worth of pictures on the card, I finally uploaded them. Did my usual post processing and suddenly that bland reflection picture didn’t feel so bland, it had a painterly feeling to it which I then tried to enhance and … what do you know, now I like the picture! As far as quiet pictures go, it fits the bill perfectly.


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