Roe deer in the morning

When I got out the door to go to work, I saw the same two roe deer again. They actually stuck around all evening yesterday so I think they slept close by and came to enjoy the fresh grass in the morning sun.


With my knee no longer hurting, I cycled to work today. Can’t believe this warm spell that just keeps going on, it was 20°C by 7am. In the afternoon I started regretting my choice when we suddenly got hit by a thick cloud of smoke. There’s a huge forest fire raging 200 km south from us and the prevailing winds had brought the smoke up here, and in fact all the way up to Sundsvall. It was hard to breathe so I was not looking forward to cycling home, but then as soon as the smoke had arrived, it also disappeared. It’s still not clean air, you can smell the smoke when you go out, but it’s tolerable. I feel for the people living close to that fire… not just for the air they breathe, but for all the worries as well.

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