I was going to do a short walk, just long enough to see if my new insoles fixed the Haglöfs-boot chafing problem. I took Hateful Hill* #2 up to Kappruskaftet and I was just going to walk around for a while, and get my 365. It was cloudy so it wasn’t really any good for landscapes, but I knew I could easily get that one picture I needed. As it turned out, I got the one picture already before going up the hill. And then when I was drinking my coffee, the sun came out and the clouds just disappeared. So I decided that I would walk around the mountain and maybe this was the lucky day that I could get the pictures I know I could get from the south side of Kappruet.

Kids, that’s a telephone

So I got to the south side of Kappruet but the clouds were back. There was no chance that the sun would come out any time soon so it was pointless to wait. But oh how good that place is… it is just begging for a panorama treatment, there are so many spots which would make for great panoramas so I just have to keep coming back until I finally have the light for it!

Leaning pine and Blåstöten
Leaning pine and Blåstöten

When I got down on the north side, I did what I always do, which is to scan the landscape below for any interesting detail to work with. It wasn’t the first time I was drawn to this birch (which really is two birches) but it’s the first time I got shoot it in a meaningful way, because the sun came out again. So I had brief moment of good light in the late evening, and my boots were not chafing, and I was already looking forward to the next time I would do this hike and dreaming of the good light I would have then!


* * *

*Hateful Hills are hills I hate to go up but frequently do anyway. They go thru the forest with nothing to see on the way, so it’s just a boring transport up a steep hill. Hateful Hill #1 is the trail that goes up to Fiskhålsgraven.

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