Had a busy day at work. It felt like I was doing three things at the same time all day, and I was spread quite thin when I got home. I just wanted to collapse on the couch, but instead I forced myself to go out with the camera to get my 365.

Often when you read interviews with established photographers, they talk about “capturing a feeling”. I’m always suspicious about feelings, so I just want to capture pretty things. But today, the way I felt after walk, I wanted to go with the feeling. I was feeling fuzzy, so I created a fuzzy picture.


I’m so divided about this technique. I think it’s so pretentious when other photographers use it because the general opinion seems to be that it’s super-artistic when you deliberately blur your pictures but this is just so ridiculously easy… anyone can do it. It’s much harder to take a sharp picture! But then when I do it myself, I like it a lot (and I’m not claiming that I’m super-artistic for doing it!).

Anyway, a few days ago I was talking about needing a new backup plan for my 365. I just found it. 125 pictures left, that’s a lot of blurry pictures.

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