Beard lichen

My sister loves the beard lichen, it doesn’t grow in Finland where she lives (beard lichen is very sensitive to air pollution and she lives close to Helsinki) so every time she visits me, she picks some lichen to take with her. I remember when I moved to Sweden and I saw how much beard lichen there was, I was delighted. But over the years I’ve started to take it for granted, because it really grows everywhere… that’s the benefit with living far away from big cities, air pollution is certainly not a problem here!


Did a long walk today to test my new boots. Felt just as good as in the store, no chafing whatsoever. They will not replace my Haglöfs Grym boots which I’ve been fighting with all summer because they’re a bit lighter and softer, as I wanted something comfortable but waterproof to wear all the time in Iceland. ”Comfortable” is not a word I would use to describe the Grym boots but these new boots are perfect for the purpose!

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