Weather delay

A friend is visiting, we have big plans for the week – a roadtrip in Norway and a hike to Helags. But with the weather forecast as it was, we had to give up one of them so we opted to do the roadtrip and leave Helags for another time. Which was just as well, because I’m feeling seriously handicapped with a blister in my toe, pain in my knee and seriously aching thigh and hip, all on the right side so the question is, how many of these problems are related. In any case, just the thought of hiking for three days with a heavy pack makes me wince with pain so I much prefer sitting in the car. Or like today, first sitting in the cabin and then in the car because it was raining. We visited one good spot but just as we had taken the first pictures, it started pouring down so we hurried back to the car.


Just need to hope that our gamble paid off and the weather will be good in Norway now that we waited for the rainy day to pass.

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