Too hot

It’s too dang hot to process the pictures, I’ve got 28 degrees centigrade here in the living room and it’s not even the hottest place in the house.

It’s too hot to take the pictures, too – sweat was running to my eyes, making it difficult to see through the viewfinder. I had the insane idea to bicycle to the monster thistle, I mean it’s only about 2 km there but the insane part is that it’s all uphill. Well, at least it was nice to roll back down… One thing that’s not nice though is that my achy knee hurts more when I cycle than when I walk. The pain comes from pushing down the pedal, the more force I have to use, the more it hurts. Well, I guess I’ll be walking tomorrow then. In the 30 degree heat. But no complaining! It will be over soon, and we haven’t had a summer like this in many years!


The affliction the thistle is suffering from is called fasciation. It’s not specific to thistles but can happen to any plant. Just google it up and check out some very cool and weird pictures!

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