Quick moves

This is the extended weekend I was supposed to do a 4-day hike but which I had to cancel because I just didn’t know if my knee would hold or not. So then it was going to be a 4-day weekend at the cabin, giving me a chance to test the knee on day hikes. But something happened at work, and it got reduced to a 3-day weekend and then something else came up that would require me to drive up to Östersund tomorrow, leaving me with two days at the cabin. But in the afternoon I got a call that the Östersund thing was cancelled, which put the 3-day cabin weekend back on the map and gave me quite a rush to pack everything so I could drive there already in the evening.

When I arrived, I was starving so I grabbed a bite to eat, and then it was already sunset and I still needed to get my 365. So the sunset was… or wasn’t… but it’s a picture and thus qualifies for the 365.


And by the way – mosquitoes. Lots of them. It’s quite obvious it’s been warm in the mountains as well.

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