Lonely crane

It was one of those days, I had no ideas for my 365 so I just shot a few boring things in the garden and I didn’t even bother to transfer the pictures to the computer, I was going to do it as a last thing. But then later on when I went to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat, I saw a crane in the field. On with the Mega-Tamron! I always have a problem with evening light when shooting towards the field but trust me, this half backlit crane is much better than any of those half hearted snaps I had taken earlier!


I also got to see a situation where a roe deer appeared on the field at the same time as the crane. The crane kept a very watchful eye on the roe deer, while the deer totally ignored the crane. Only after the deer was gone did the crane go back to searching for food. No wonder it’s virtually impossible to approach the cranes without spooking them when they don’t even tolerate other animals. The roe deer was about 150m away from the crane!

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