This is finally it! I’m going to conquer Blåstöten and as a bonus, tick off the Storröstgraven ravine from my list. The day was beautiful and warm, but there was some dust in the air which made the sky a bit bland and also the distant mountains where just colourless shapes, nothing I wanted to shoot.

Because of the warm weather, I started my hike in a t-shirt and I soon regretted it – all kinds of flying insects considered me as their meal of the day and after a while I stopped even trying to count the bites, I just tried to hurry to get to the tundra, where the insects don’t normally bother you. Not so today – it was so warm and so calm that they followed me all the way. Yuch.


In the valley between Ånnfjället and Blåstöten, I saw some four legged animals. Surprisingly, not reindeer but cows. I knew there are a lot of free range cows in the region but I have never seen the on the tundra before!

I got to my planned campsite spot at just the right time to set up camp and when the sunset faded behind some clouds, all that was left was to crawl in and hope to get some rest before tomorrow’s adventure.

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