This post is actually written on the 12th, but dated on the 11th for the picture’s sake. Here’s why.

When I was driving home from work, there was a huge black cloud over Föne, it was pouring rain and I could hear the roll of thunder even as I was driving. The first thing I did when I got home was to disconnect my computer and router and everything related. When the thunder finally passed after going around for almost four hours, I connected the devices and started to type the blog post.

This is what I had:

“It was one of the biggest thunderstorms I’ve seen. Not by its power, but by”

After “by”, I saw a flash of light in the vicinity of the router and then a lightning outside the window and almost simultaneously, a big roar of thunder. There had been no forewarning, no distant thunder that could have warned me that it was not over yet so I could have disconnected the devices again. At that point, even though it was maybe too late, I disconnected everything and then waited until late evening when the sky was blue when I finally could check how bad the damage was.


I got off easy though. Luckily I have the computer on another socket and I had not connected it, I was working on the laptop (which was on battery) when the lightning hit. And miraculously, the router was ok – I was sure it was fried because I saw that flash of light right above it. What I had lost though was the modem, but that was actually almost broken even before, I had been meaning to call Ljusnet about it. But now for sure, it’s dead.

Now I have a new modem and everything is working. Thunderstorms are no joke… I learned to be careful after I lost my TV to a lightning a few years ago, and for sure I will be even more careful from now on!

(And what I had intended to write before I was interrupted yesterday, was “Not by its power, but by its longevity.” As it turned out, it lasted even longer than I thought!)

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