Still painting

Just as predicted, it rained today. I managed to do two walls when the rain forced me inside for an involuntary 4-hour break. It is a bit risky to paint when the fresh paint could be rained on, but I had made a cold calculation that there’s not enough wind to push the rain on the windows so it would be ok.

When the raining stopped, I inspected the most recently painted windows and they were fine, so I continued working on the 3rd wall (which is the one on the picture). It was getting quite dark though (certainly not because of sunset because it was hours away!) and when I finished the bigger window, I debated if there’s any point in doing the smaller. But I really wanted to finish the wall so I started painting the small one… when it started raining again. The decision was made for me, had to give up. And now as I am typing this, it is pouring rain and the worst part is that some stray drops are getting on the fresh paint. God I hope I don’t need to re-paint it tomorrow… but at least it’s the back wall, no one will see it!


The white colour is the primer. It looks pretty good actually, but I never considered using white paint. I prefer warm colours so I’m using a chocolate brown paint, I will of course take a picture of that when the job is done!

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