So I’m at the cabin now! When I got to Messlingen, the day was as dark as it was yesterday but there was not much wind so I fancied my chances at the lake, I needed to get my 365. Two observations, firstly, there’s not much snow left. I’ve seen more snow on the mountain during some midsummers than right now. Secondly, the mosquitos are already out. I was hoping to avoid them… but the same warm weather that has melted the snow, has also made it possible for the blood suckers to come out early.


The plan for the weekend is to paint the windows, and with the weather being what it is, I need to use all the not-raining moments for painting. I need three layers of paint, and I want to get at least two of them now, the third can wait. But I’m optimistic that there will time for a hike as well!

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