Falling water

Dull weather today but I knew it, and had planned to do… pretty much nothing. Just took care of a couple of things in and around the cabin, but otherwise, I was just being lazy. Which is fine, too. But I had to take a picture, obviously, so in the evening I drove to my favourite creek to shoot a waterfall. I’ve been here so many times that I probably have all the pictures already, but I’ve always been on the right side of the creek because that’s where the path is. This time I followed up on the left side, and it was pretty obvious why the path was on the right side – that’s where all the nice views are. But I found an ok spot (which is the best spot if you’re on the other side), it was raining quite a lot by then so I just took my picture and packed the camera in a hurry.


I will leave in the morning tomorrow, but be back already on Friday. With my dad, sister and her daughter. Nice! 🙂

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