The weather hasn’t been much fun all week, there’s a cold wind blowing and occasionally the clouds dump some snow or hail or sleet or rain, anything to make me want to stay indoors and drink some more coffee.


But today I was brave enough to go to the zoo and I really wanted to see the bear cubs, my goal for this summer is to get a picture of a bear cub climbing a tree. But alas, the mama bear has hidden the cubs somewhere so I struck out this time.


The wolverines on the other hand were in a playful mood, although of course all the playing was happening in places where I couldn’t shoot it. Then this one individual settled on a rock and gave me an opportunity, but even with 600mm it was quite far away so I experimented with a panorama crop.

If this square crop month works out, I think I will do panorama crops in June… I’ve always liked the panorama format. The obvious use for the format is grand landscapes (especially if you do stitching) but I almost prefer the effect on other subjects because it’s a little bit unexpected with non-landscape subjects.

What I was saying about the weather

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