Square month

I’m going to declare May the Month of the Square. I’ll up the ante and add a challenge within a challenge, which is to only use the square format for the 365 pictures in May. Normally I stick to the format that the camera provides (which is 2:3 for the full format and 3:4 for the MFT) but I don’t hesitate to use other formats when the composition requires it. However, I rarely use the square format. Out of the thousands of pictures in my catalogue, only 90 are square. So far. I’ve no particular reason for doing this, other than that making an already difficult challenge more difficult. Which really sounds like a lousy reason, I don’t know what I was thinking. Anyway, let’s see how this works out. I’ll get to use some imagination with the cropping for sure!

I drove to Sundsvall today to do some shopping. I prefer to drive the small roads to get there, which means that I passed close to Gröntjärn and thought that I might as well do a small detour and check out the pale pasque flowers. The road from Västerstråsjö to Gröntjärn was not funny at all, I knew from experience that the road would not be in a very good condition but figured that with this early spring, the road would at least be dry. When I got to the first soft spot and saw all the deep tracks in the mud, I got out of the car to scout, and it felt driveable without a 4×4. And so it was, but only thanks to the high ground clearance on the Qashqai, although I did get some scrapes. I don’t really have the nerves for such stuff, I can tell you that my hands were shaking quite seriously afterwards!


Anyway, the flowers. I only found one and I couldn’t quite decide if it was pre or post its prime. But only one… what’s happening? I saw leaves to indicate that there still are other individuals, but only one bloom? That’s sad.

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