Kitchen window

This is what I see from my kitchen window. Yesterday’s deer was down in the field roughly above the left ocular, and the bird cherry that often features in my pictures is to the left of the left ocular. The binoculars are always on the window sill, because I want to be ready to take a closer look at whatever that appears in the field. I kept waiting for something to appear tonight as well, but the weather was dull and the field was empty so this is all I got.


And yes, the window is dirty. I haven’t done my spring cleaning yet, plus that the window is broken in that there’s a tiny gap between the layers which allows spiders to crawl in and weave their webs inside the window. The gap is not big enough for any flies though, so the spiders go hungry. I should ask my landlord to fix the window, but like so often, I keep putting it off. Don’t do anything today that you can put off tomorrow.

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