Two drops

It’s been a sunny day and it’s the beginning of a flower explosion in the garden. Lots of crocuses starting to bloom, some snow drops which have managed to fight their way through the grass and then I’m just waiting for the other flowers, I think I planted two other sorts in the autumn so it will be interesting to see how they fare.


I wanted to experiment with the Olympus, using the Sigma 50mm macro with adapter (100mm on the small camera). It’s manual focus only and I made use of the tilting LCD to focus and I was actually surprised at how easy it was, not even using a tripod or other support. Need to check the manual if it’s possible to zoom the live view for a more critical focus, but since I got some sharp pictures as it is, I’m happy.

But now that I have all these flowers, I’ll take out the big gun in the weekend and have some fun!

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