The river

I did some serious cycling today, and the way my butt feels like right now, I think I should take it easy at this early stage of the season… Anyway, I went down to one of my favourite spots although I knew that the water level in the river is too high to provide any interesting shore features to work with. Sure enough, looks like the water is rising quite fast and it’s fair to assume that the level is not going down until the snow has melted in the mountains. When I drove past the Laforsen power station after Easter, the floodgates were open and the water was shooting out like I’ve never seen before.

But despite the high water, I discovered that this place has more to offer than I had realised before. I found one spot which has huge promise but timing is everything. And by that I mean both the time of day and the time of year, so it will be very interesting to see if I can make it work out like I think it could work out.


(And no, that potential spot is not pictured above.)

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