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I woke up at around 3am to go to the bathroom. As I walked through the kitchen, I looked out the window as I always do and saw aurora that were as high up in the sky as I’ve ever seen. Suddenly I didn’t feel sleepy at all, so I put on some warm clothes and went out. There obviously isn’t any good spots for aurora shooting near my house but there’s one half decent, and I kept stopping to shoot some frames as I made my way down to this spot. Unfortunately the aurora were quickly fading and between the 3/4 moon and pre-dawn light, it was difficult to see the green glow however good it would have been. By the time I got to that half decent spot, it was hopeless so I just turned back home, put on my pajamas and went back to sleep.


Never say never. I thought I was done with night sky photography for this spring!

Before lunch, I did a bicycle trip around the Ranungen lake. I heard a sound I hadn’t heard since last year – waves! Somehow it made it feel like summer, even though it wasn’t very warm and the wind was biting.

In the afternoon I decided to take the Mega-Tamron to the Föne lake because there are always some birds there. The pair of cranes were on the field behind the lake again but it’s impossible to get close to them, they were watching me even though I was a 100 metres away. But 600mm is very useful so I shot a few frames anyway. Then I spotted a frog making its way across the road. It was way too cold for it and it was moving slowly, and then when a car drove by and missed the frog by a millimetre or two, the poor thing just froze in shock. When I realised that it wouldn’t get anywhere on its own, I moved it gently to the roadside. It probably won’t make it, but at least it won’t be roadkill.


And then it started raining. So much so, that I deeply regretted that I had carried the camera in my hands instead of taking a bag. The gear should be weatherproof, but too much is too much. Luckily I was wearing a loose fit jacket so I could tuck the camera inside the jacket, and as I was walking home and getting wetter and colder by the minute, I was thinking that this was April reminding me that it’s not at all summer yet.

* * *

I had to trash all the crane pictures, the focus was off in each of them. I’m worried that the Tamron is front focusing with distant subjects because I also shot a pair of Canada goose which at first were far away and the focus was off, but when the birds swam closer to me, suddenly the focus was spot on. In the frog picture, the eye is sharp but that was obviously shot close to minimum focus distance. So I have to do some testing with a tripod and mirror lockup and all that to find out what’s going on.

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