In the morning I saw some movement in the garden, it was the roe deer making their way down to the field. I grabbed the camera and sneaked on the balcony and waited for them to pass by, too bad I still had the wideangle attached to the 6D so I had to settle with the 300mm on the Olympus. Oh well, not so long ago, 300mm was the longest focal length I had so what am I complaining…

I did my afternoon walk around the lake in Föne, it’s always good if you’re looking for signs of spring. The ice is slowly melting and the birds are waiting for the open water, I saw mallards, Canada goose and goldeneyes either swimming around or standing on the edge of the ice. Again, 600mm would have been nice but the Mega-Tamron is not exactly a walk-about lens (although I know some people will disagree…). But now that I know that the birds are there, I will check again tomorrow after work, with the big lens in tow.

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