As I said, we really didn’t have the weather with us. After a relatively calm day, the wind picked up last night and it started snowing, so we were firmly stuck in the Vålåstugan mountain cabin. It was an easy decision to stay though, we figured that we needed to rest after two hard days of skiing. Neither of us is in such a good shape that it makes sense to push ourselves, especially when it’s not necessary.

The mountain cabins are kind of back-to-basics cabins. No electricity (except for solar panels) and no running water, and in the Vålådalen valley, no mobile signal either. But they had wifi! So we could hold some limited contact with the outside world, being careful to spare the battery though because there was no way to charge it.

With the snow storm blowing outside, it was a lazy day indoors. The only times we ventured out was to go to the toilet, and then we had to go down to the lake to get water. That was an adventure in itself!

I have to talk about the outhouse though. At first I hated going out, but after a while I accepted that this is the standard and it was just fine. I had two layers of shirts, a down jacket and a shell jacket, long underwear, shell trousers and warm trousers, hat, hood and mittens and I was warm and cozy while making my way up to the outhouse. All I needed then was to wrestle with the door when the wind wanted to rip it out of my hands!

Goes without saying that this was the kind of bad weather which is not the photographer’s best friend. I could barely stand up, so I’m surprised that the picture turned out sharp. It’s the outhouse as seen from the cabin.


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