Finally it’s here! The Expedition.

The weather forecast wasn’t exactly cheerful, but no disaster either. We drove to Ljungdalen in the morning, had a pizza for lunch and then set on the skis. If you follow the summer trail (which you can do in the winter, I mean it’s snow everywhere) from Kläppen, half of the trip is in the forest in the Kesudalen valley and then you start the arduous task of gaining altitude.


When we got on the tundra, it got tough. The wind was heavy and it was blowing in our faces. The wind was also sweeping the soft snow from the exposed ground, leaving only frozen snow for us to ski on and despite the sharp steel edges, my skis just couldn’t get a hold on the ice. So at times I was going two steps forwards and one back, just simply because the wind was pushing me backwards. Just to make matters worse, the snow was freezing on my eyelashes so half the time I could barely see where I was going anyway. Insane.

It was the kind of weather where photography takes a second place. Bad weather is supposed to be the photographer’s best friend, but I think not all bad weather is created equal!

When we got to Helags, we were overjoyed and hoped that the worst of the trip was now done.

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